Agent Desktop

Agent Desktop

The Agent Desktop solution was designed to provide your agents with the better desktop tools to full fill sales and customer services expectations. It is integrated by sales leads tools, CRM tools, back-offices system tools, soft phone and dialer solution.

It provides completed desktop solutions for the agents, displaying data about the customer and providing efficient interfaces to optimize your team results. It can be customized for each campaign, with information related to the selected campaign.

The Agent Desktop Solution delivers caller-ID information from your phone line to the order entry module. Through the incoming call shows the customer’s profile in the order entry module, allowing identify the calling customer, and speeding the entry of customer’s information.

Using the caller-id, information like customer name, phone, address, customer’s map, customer’s branch, last order status, elapsed time, and details about the order placed, can be displayed on the agent desktop at the moment that a customer makes a phone call. So agents can easily take and place orders directly in the corresponding branch, according to the customer address. Different addresses can be associated to the customer’s profile and each address is related with a valid delivery zone, likewise each delivery zone is related to its corresponding branch.

Agents can select a specific delivery area and it automatically displays the corresponding branch.

Agents can easily access the customer’s information they need, with built-in pop up screen and customer history database, which helps them resolve order issues and improve customer service.

The agents have access to the customer profile information so it can update data and associate different phone numbers to the profile. Also they have access to navigate over the customer recent orders, allowing obtain specific information about the status of orders from creation to delivery.

The agents have access to navigate over the customer recent calls, allowing call the customer to resolve order’s issues.

Has extra features designed specifically with agents in mind. These include call conferencing, calls transfer, call recording, calls on hold, mute, and caller ID display, access to multiple telephone lines, record phone calls and more advanced configuration options. It has screen pop-up with all the required information from the customer database using the CallerID.

Uses the standard sip protocol and supports data compression (GSM, ULaw, Alaw, iLBC), echo cancellation, noise reduction, do not disturb and more.


With a robust Desktop Interfase that help them resolve order issues and improve customer service. so They have information at their fingertips, to know exactly what to say at the moment of a customer or prospect be contacted.

Contacting them with product offers and the required information to anticipate their needs, improve responsiveness, and improve invoicing accuracy.

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