Call Monitoring System

Call Monitoring System

The Call Monitoring System allows calls to be monitored live by supervisors from another phone line or extension, providing Real-Time monitoring of agents, to ensure quality of service.

The ability to listen to each call live is available through each extension. Incoming and outgoing calls can be used in monitoring mode. Management also has the capability to listen or participate in any call at any time.

Our Call monitoring system and voice recording can be an invaluable feature in your call center, helping you monitor agent performance while performing quality assurance tasks.

with our real-time and silent Call Monitoring and Reporting you can ensure that your service goals are exceeded.

Our Call monitoring system runs on Asterisk PBX and provides real-time monitoring of the inbound operations. Selection of Asterisk PBX as a backbone of the contact center will have a positive long term impacts on an organization in many ways like, the future growth, reduced effort in expansion and service cost.

Calls can be silent monitored in real-time to determine the level of customer service quality.

Employees can review techniques along with management for live training sessions. Call monitoring is the most effective way to train customer service representatives or other staff in how to deal with incoming call situations.

With our Call Monitoring Solution you can maximize the impact and ROI of your call quality monitoring processes and significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer interactions.