Call Recording

Call Recording

The Call Recording System is an easy and affordable solution wich allows to effectively and securely capture all of your important customer Voice interactions.

Our Call Recording System is an effective way to improve customer service, resolve customer disputes, increase employee productivity, and comply with legal requirements.

The Call Recording System records your phone calls in wav format, and places them directly to your hard-disk,server or on a specified path. You can easily search, Filter by different criteria, play and Export the calls.


Call Recording System is an effective way to resolve customer disputes and demonstrate a pattern of compliance

The call recording solution offers the most effective and affordable way to improve customer service and maintaining customer loyalty.

When you record telephone conversations has a degree of legal protection, which is valid for both your company and the customers.

Using our Recording Solution have an effective tool in evaluating and improving employee productivity.

Key Features

  • • Record 100% of calls.
  • • Record phone calls automatically or on-demand.
  • • Easily search, retrieve and playback calls.
  • • Filter by different Criteria, and Export call recordings.
  • • High quality recordings with high compression for limited storage.
  • • Store recordings anywhere on the network, Hard Disk or Specified Path.
  • • Real-time Statistic & Reports.