Restaurant Call Center

Restaurant Call Center

Our Restaurant Call Center Solutions is a system designed to enable multiple location restaurant chains, such as grocery delivery companies to enhance phone-in catering, takeout and delivery sales, from a centralized location. It was specifically designed for Restaurant Order Entries, which customizes menus and Inventory items, and is integrated with CRM tools, a soft phone and CTI Solutions. With several useful features integrated, our Restaurant Catering Solutions enable agents to serve inbound customers with speed, accuracy and quality.

The CallCenterDEx Suite Restaurant Phone In Catering can help any restaurant run more efficiently, especially if your restaurant takes delivery and pick-up orders. The caller ID and driver dispatching features quickly identify your customers and accurately get their orders out the door.

Our Call Center Solution deliver caller ID information from your phone lines to your CallCenterDEx Suite order entry software. Incoming calls display on each order entry computer to identify the calling customer, speeding the entry of customer information.

Agents can easily access the information they need, with built-in pop up screen and customer history database, which helps them resolve order issues and improve customer service. Information like Customer Names, Phones, Addresses, Last Order Location and last Order Status can be displayed on the agent desktop at the moment a customer is contacted.

It has an integrated calendar & reminder tools, providing customer birthdays and callback reminders with the related information displayed and execution of the call at the precise date and time that it was requested.

The integrated Soft Phone works like a typical telephone, to let you make or receive calls through your computer. It can be used as a stand-alone end station and works perfectly as an extension with VoIP, and PBX Systems like Asterisk, and all other SIP based SERVER and SERVICE providers.

It also has extra features designed specifically for telemarketers. These include call conferencing, call transfer, call recording, hold mechanism, mute, caller ID display, access to multiple telephone lines, record phone calls and more advanced configuration options. It has pop-up screens with all the required information from the customer database using Dialed Number Identification (DNIS) information and Caller ID.

Uses the standard sip protocol and supports data compression (GSM, ULaw, Alaw, iLBC), echo cancellation, noise reduction, do not disturb and more.

With our Phone-in Catering Solutions you can:
•Increase order accuracy and order fulfillment
•Decrease overheads and maintain customer loyalty
•Take customer orders from a centralized location
•customize menus per location
•utilize reporting features to track customer purchases
•Post Integration
•24/7 Customer Support


With smart tools that help you overcome the challenge of deadlines and complicated logistics.

With the power of our Call Center and Resataurant Catering Solution, you can increase the agent productivity and decrease your overhead costs without harming the service quality.

Our Software Solution blends multiple applications into a single and easy to use agent desktop, providing relevant information at hand and allowing agents to focus on the customer needs.

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Key Features

VoIP At-Home Agents Quality Live Monitoring
Voice Recording
Historical Reporting Voicemail Real-Time Reporting
CRM Tools Outlook Integration Customer History
Web Integration Tools Power Dialer Predictive Dialer
Call Scripting Telephone Surveys Campaign & List Management
Do-Not-Call List Compliance Data Import Auto Dialer
24×7 Customer Support