MS SQL Server Database

Centralized Order Management

Order Entry

Full Store POS Integration

Agent Desktop / SoftPhone inc.

Caller-id detection

Order tracking

Call recording

Queue prioritization

Custom Wrap-up codes

Autodialing missed calls

Live monitoring

3 way call conferencing

Transfer with customer information


Real-Time Report and Statistics

Abandoned Call Report

Call Detail Report

Login Time Report

Web & Mobile ordering integration

Web-based technical support

Unlimited telephone call

Agent Desktop with order history

Agent Desktop with call history

Extract the menú from POS System

Update prices from POS System

Block stock out products by Store

No hardware requirement

Smart ACD

Asterisk Skills based routing

Emergency 24x7x365 coverage

Unlimited email support



#1 Why choosing our Restaurant Call Center as you call center Solution?

Our Restaurant Call Center is a collection of applications with reliable and effective communication tools, that helps, enhance delivery and takeout sales, from a centralized location.

#2 Can I use the Call Center for Inbound and Outbound calls?

Yes our Call Center Software was designed for simultaneous management of inbound & outbound calls.

#3 What kind of training do I need to operate the Call Center Software?

Our Call Center Software was designed to be simple and easy to use. You don’t need any kind of special training to operate our Software. If you understand how to click with a mouse and basic computer skills you can operate our system. Additionally, our Call Center Software provides a simple step-by-step start-up to help you install the system yourself.


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